179. Why Service-Based Businesses Need a Subscription Model

In this week’s episode discover three reasons why your service-based business should embrace a subscription model.  You may be thinking – there is NO way a subscription model would work for my business.  But this episode will give you plenty to noodle on and may even spark your next brilliant offer. Stay tuned until the end, because there is a bonus waiting for you.

Discover inside:

✅ 3 benefits of creating a subscription model for your service-based business.
✅ Specific examples of companies that thought outside the box to create subscription models.
✅ How to stand out in your industry as a leader because of a subscription model.
✅ How a subscription model saves your company time, money, and resources.
✅ The most powerful way to stay connected to your current and future clients.

Listen to the entire episode here or tune into the live show over on YouTube.

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All that and more await you in this week’s episode of the CX Fanatics podcast.


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