169 Why Customer Experience Creates More Customers Before They Buy (part 1 of 3)

In this week’s episode discover how using customer experience with visitors who aren’t yet customers will increase your conversions and sales.

Plus learn:

✅ The biggest marketing mistake you need to unlearn now
✅ Why the more you know about your customers the easier it is to get them to buy
✅ How to gather customer data and organize it to make better sales and marketing decisions
✅ How to launch new offers, products, and services your customers actually want
✅ The one thing to avoid with your follow up to separate you from your competitors
✅ Why “no” doesn’t mean “no” and how to turn it to “yes” faster

Listen to the entire episode here or tune into the live show over on YouTube.

Miss any of the show notes, you can find those at dtcgrowthclub.com/podcast

All that and more await you in this week’s episode of the CX Fanatics podcast.


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